This website is a survey of the English Monarchs history book series.

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In this site you will be able to view the history of these books, find information on their writing, and get news of future titles both in the series itself plus new books of interest to readers of English and European history.

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Yale English Monarchs Series of History Books

A survey of the publishing history

of the Methuen and Yale history books

This site is optimised for computers and, at a pinch, tablets (pun intended). It is unapologetically not configured for phones and other mobile devices. The assumption is that English Monarchs series readers are familiar with the old random access paper information storage units and have found the time to investigate this website and the information it contains on the books in the series, little of which can be achieved on a phone. Thanks are due to Logowik for the free 60 Years logo.

This website has no connection to Yale University Press or Methuen Publishing Ltd. and is intended for the purposes of research, study, comment and critique of the publications associated with the English Monarchs series of history books.

Last updated 26/04/2024

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Book cover art source note - King Stephen

This image was used on the cover of King Stephen by Edmund King for the English Monarchs series.

The image is showing King Stephen in regal pose and taken from the Historia Anglorium by Matthew Paris, c.1250. Held by the British Library.

Celebrating sixty years of the Methuen/Yale English Monarchs series, 1964 - 2024