Michael Wood's new Dark Ages

Sunday, 31 July 2022

BBC Book is publishing this week a competely revised and re-written version of ‘In Search of the Dark Ages’ by Michael Wood. The author’s landmark TV series for BBC TV in 1980 and 1981 was accompanied at the time by the first edition of the book which has never been out of print. For the 40th anniversary of his series Wood returned to his subject and expanded on the original, incorporating the evidence provided by archaeology and other documents. He has also added new chapters with biographical essays on Penda of Mercia, Aethelflaed Lady of the Mercians, Hadrian the African, Eadgyth of England, and Wynflaed in addition to the revisions of the chapters on the Saxon king including his favourite subject Aethelstan. Michael Wood can be heard discussing his new book with Dan Snow in the History Hit podcast of 13 July 2020. ISBN 9781785947766