Harald Hardrada biography

Wednesday, 29 September 2021

‘The Last Viking: the True Story of King Harald Hardrada’ by Dan Holloway has been released this month by Osprey Publishing. It should provide rich reading for those who enjoyed the Yale English Monarchs book on another Scandinavian king to affect English history, Cnut the Great by Timothy Bolton. Osprey’s publicity for the book describes it as a narrative of the life of Hardrada sewn together by combining "Norse sagas, Byzantine accounts, Anglo-Saxon chronicles and even King Harald’s own verse and prose…”. This is the author’s first historical work. Hardrada, like England’s King Harold, tends to be a footnote in the history of Hastings and William the Conqueror. This book redresses that oversight somewhat. Given that histories of the 11th Century tend to hard to find secure your copy while it is still available. ISBN 9781472846525