Brunanburh Book

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Readers of this site are likely to know of the Battle Brunanburh in 937. It’s a name that elicits blank stares for those who don’t read history but in its time it was as well known as the D-Day landings in World War Two. Despite its relative obscurity, a number of titles have been written in recent times and a new one was released in May this year by Osprey Publishing titled ’Never Greater Slaughter: Brunanburh and the Birth of England’. The author, Michael Livingston, is Assistant Professor of English at the Military College of South Carolina, USA. ISBN 9781472849373. This battle will also feature in the forthcoming - or at least promised - new history title by Michael Wood which the well-known historian and television presenter discussed in a recent History Hit podcast (26/12/2020). Wood’s book will be an interesting contrast as he rejects the suggestion that the Battle Brunanburh was on the west coast of England, specifically on The Wirral, but is of the view that it took place on the east coast.