1215 all over again

Thursday, 19 November 2020

Another example of an American publisher re-issuing a British book under a new title can be seen with the north Amerian release of the Dan Jones' book ‘Realm Divided: a Year in the Life of Plantagent England”. This was first published in hardback in 2015 then in paperback in 2016 by British publisher Head of Zeus Press. The first American printing of this book by New York based publisher Apollo occurred in October 2020. However, it has been issued under the title of ‘In the Reign of King John: a Year in the Life of Plantagent England”, ISBN 9781838934828. Do not be deceived by this new title - it is the same book. This also happened to at least one of Jones’ earlier titles ’The Hollow Crown’ (Faber, 2014) which was issued in the USA (Viking, 2014) with the title ’The Wars of the Roses’. Guess who ended up with both books?!  Readers in North America may find this new printing of ‘Realm Divided/In the Reign of King John' easier to get, although the British printing has been available during the past five years. And in case you missed it, the date of the original printing was deliberately chosen.